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Kodaly Songs

Songs suitable for use in a Kodaly-based music program.

  • Bee, Bee, Bumble Bee - Children's Song with Kodaly resources

    Bee, Bee, Bumble Bee

    Bee, Bee, Bumble Bee Music Education Pack. Name Game. Bee, bee, bumble bee Can you sing your name to me? While this song is short and simple, it holds a vast array of learning opportunities for young children. The singing...

  • Easter song - Easter Egg song

    Easter Egg Song

    Easter Egg Song Easter egg match up singing game. Perfect for both the general classroom and the music classroom. Suitable for Kodaly-based programs. This simple limited range song is designed to provide young children with...

  • Sol-fa hand signs, Curwen handsigns, Kodaly handsigns

    Kodaly / Curwen Handsigns Printable Poster Set

      Sol-fa Handsign Posters / Kodaly / Curwen Hand signs Reinforce children's knowledge of Curwen handsigns with this set of eight cards. Use them to decorate your music classroom, or use them as flashcards / sol-fa...

  • Singing Game: Make a Shape

    Singing Game - Make a Shape

    Singing Game: Make a Shape Your children will enjoy singing and dancing while developing valuable skills such as: - observation - interpretation - problem-solving - pre-reading skills - balance - co-ordination - body...


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