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  • Easter song - Easter Egg song

    Easter Egg Song

    Easter Egg Song Easter egg match up singing game. Perfect for both the general classroom and the music classroom. Suitable for Kodaly-based programs. This simple limited range song is designed to provide young children with...

  • Five Green Peas

    Five Green Peas

    Five Green Peas Five green peas in a peapod pressed One grew, two grew, and so did all the rest... Five Green Peas is a favorite rhyme / fingerplay with young children. Teaching ideas and activity suggestions are included...

  • Music theory - music terminology game

    Music Terminology - Ice Cream Cones

    Music Terminology - Ice Cream Cones Learning musical terms is deliciously fun with these printable ice cream cones. Each ice cream has a different musical term. Extra scoops with definitions of the terms are included...


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