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What age range are your products for?  

We specialize in music for preschool, early childhood and elementary aged children.  While some resources may be suitable for older children, this age range is our focus.


How am I allowed to use the resources?  

Once you have purchased an item you are authorized to use it for your own teaching purposes, provided that you do not delete any copyright notices from the materials. Parents are also welcome to use them with their own children and in non-commercial settings such as playgroups or birthday parties. All other uses are strictly prohibited. The materials may not be duplicated and shared with other teachers or throughout a school or district.  For more details of terms of use please click here.


Can I present your songs / materials at a teachers' conference?  

Please contact us if you would like to present our materials at a teachers' conference / workshop or if you would like to include an excerpt of our materials in any printed material.  We are more than happy to consider requests and will aim to provide a package for your participants to receive a discount on the items you are presenting.  


Do you also run the site “TeachingKidsToSing.com”? 

Yes, our two sites are linked so you will notice that there are some products which appear on both websites and some products you purchase from Beat Boppers may have a “TeachingKidsToSing.com” copyright on them or vice versa.


Can I contribute my own original songs to this site?

Beat Boppers works with a team of songwriters and music educators and we currently are not seeking songs from other sources.  We thank you for your interest but unfortunately we are unable to review unsolicited materials. 


Can I add a link to your site on my own? 

Yes!  You are welcome to add a link to Beat Boppers on your own website.   



What if I can't get my download after I purchase? 

Use one of our free items to test your ability to open our files and consult the support page if you have any trouble.  If after following the suggestions on the support page you still are having difficulty please contact us.  Not only do we want you to receive your files easily, we also want to be aware of any difficulties our customers are facing so that we can resolve the issues both for you and for future customers.  All computers have different programs and different settings which cause variations in downloading.  We are committed to helping you get your download.


When can I download my order?

The process is almost immediate.  As soon as you place your order you will be sent download information so you can download, save, and use the item(s) you ordered.  

Please note there is sometimes a short delay in the email link arriving in your inbox.  If you haven't received your link within 15 -30 minutes, please check your spam folder and make sure you filled in the correct email address.  If you have any difficulty please contact us and we'll be happy to help you.


Will my order be mailed? 

The items in our “Songs and Teaching Resources” shop are all digital downloads and are not mailed to you.  You will need to use the download links to download and save the file(s) to your computer. These download links are displayed on the payment confirmation page and sent to you in an email. After you save the file(s) to your computer, you can then access them at your convenience to view and print.

If a product is not available for download a link will be provided to purchase a hard copy at another website. 

How do I download the free products? 

Choose the free product you are interested in and add it to your cart.  You will go through the checkout process with your free products; however you will not have to enter credit card details if your total is $0.00. Please ensure you use a valid email address as your download links will be emailed to you.


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