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Jammin' in the Jungle


Jammin in the Jungle

If you enjoy creating music with young children, you'll love this new book "Jammin' in the Jungle".

It's full of fun and interactive songs for young children.  Some of the songs include:

Snappity Snap: A song about a crocodile that encourages children to tap out rhythms on claves or rhythm sticks.

Elephant Paint:  A beautiful dance song using chiffon scarves or ribbons.

We Can Shake Like a Rattlesnake:  A song for playing along on different percussion instruments.

Amazing Snakes:  An arm dance!

Barrel of Monkeys:  A movement song that gets children up and moving and also multi-tasking!

Bongo Bob:  Drum out the rhythms to warn the animals of approaching danger!

Plus lots more hands-on fun!

Click the link below to purchase from Amazon:


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