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Animal Songs

  • Down by the Bay song

    Down by the Bay

    Down By the Bay Down by the Bay is a traditional song that delights children with its nonsense and its rhyming text. Children are able to sing along with the echo and also have fun creating new verses. The package comes...

  • Jammin' in the Jungle - Music for young children

    Jammin' in the Jungle

    Jammin' in the Jungle... This item is not available from this website.  Please click on the link below to purchase from Amazon. Come on a musical safari into a magical jungle where you can drum with the monkeys, sing...

  • Jungle Animal Rhythm Cards

    Jungle Animal Rhythm Cards

    Jungle Animals - Rhythm Cards Develop your children’s rhythmic skills with this colourful set of jungle animal rhythm cards. Each card has a four-beat rhythm pattern with words written underneath. Children clap or...

  • Little Green Frog, der glumph, song

    Little Green Frog

    Little Green Frog - Action Song We all know frogs go... lah-dee-dah-dee-dah! A favorite song of young children the world over, Little Green Frog is so much fun to sing! Includes teaching activities which add to the fun and...

  • Mango Treats - early childhood movement song

    Mango Treats - Children's Movement Song

    Sing! Dance! Play along on percussion instruments!Mango Treats will have your children moving and dancing to the beat in no time. This singing game also offers a fun way of allowing everyone in the group to have a turn...

  • drum song for young children

    Monkey Drum - a drumming song

    Grab a drum and play along! These little monkeys are having so much fun playing on the drum . . . until a tiger comes along! The song begins with one monkey playing on the drum, and one by one more monkeys come and join in...

  • Note name printable posters

    Music Note Name Posters - Monkey Treble

      Music Note Name Posters - Treble Here's some musical monkey fun! An eye-catching set of music posters showing the note names on the treble staff. Can also be used as a set of note name flash cards. Posters are sized...

  • Rhythm Cards - Frogs and Tadpoles

    Rhythm Cards - Frogs and Tadpoles

    Frogs and Tadpoles - Rhythm Cards These rhythm cards are designed to use with young children.  Develop rhythmic skills while having fun making patterns with frogs and tadpoles...

  • sugar glider song

    Sugar Glider Song

    Sugar Glider Song Children are encouraged to dance with smooth, flowing movements in this beautiful, gentle song about a sugar glider. Ideas for using props included. Contents: MP3 recording sheet music...

  • True Blue Wonders - Australian Children's Song

    True Blue Wonders - Australian Children's Song

    True Blue Wonders - Australian Children's Song Introduce your children to the fascinating sounds of the didgeridoo as it imitates different Australian animal sounds. Jump like a kangaroo and fly like a...

  • Vocal exploration for young children: Pitch Charts

    Voice Charts: Buzzing Around Pitch Charts

      Voice Charts - Buzzing Around Pitch Charts Voice exploration and exercise for young children. These colorful charts encourage children to explore and exercise their voices. Follow the path of the bee with your voice...


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