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Action Songs

Movement songs and action songs.

  • Movement song for early childhood

    Crazy Drum Beat - Movement Song

    Crazy Drum Beat - Movement Song for Young Children I have a crazy drum I love to play I played it on a sunny day To my surprise that crazy beat Drew a crowd out in the street ... Animals are coming from all over to dance...

  • Jelly on a Plate

    Jelly on a Plate

    Jelly on a Plate - Parachute Game Children love parachute games - and this arrangement of Jelly on a Plate has been written especially for playing with a parachute.  Instructions are included on how to play the game...

  • Little Green Frog, der glumph, song

    Little Green Frog

    Little Green Frog - Action Song We all know frogs go... lah-dee-dah-dee-dah! A favorite song of young children the world over, Little Green Frog is so much fun to sing! Includes teaching activities which add to the fun and...

  • Mango Treats - early childhood movement song

    Mango Treats - Children's Movement Song

    Sing! Dance! Play along on percussion instruments!Mango Treats will have your children moving and dancing to the beat in no time. This singing game also offers a fun way of allowing everyone in the group to have a turn...

  • Singing Game: Make a Shape

    Singing Game - Make a Shape

    Singing Game: Make a Shape Your children will enjoy singing and dancing while developing valuable skills such as: - observation - interpretation - problem-solving - pre-reading skills - balance - co-ordination - body...


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