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About Us

Beat Boppers specializes in downloadable music for children with related music resources for teachers and parents.

Each song comes with a resource pack that includes ideas for using and enjoying the song with children. 

There are no membership fees!  Purchase only the items you need.

All our products are downloadable directly from our site, so once you purchase an item it is available to use and enjoy within minutes.

Songs are in MP3 format.  Download them to your computer or MP3 player, or burn them to a CD. 

Teaching resources are in PDF files.  Simply download them to your computer and print them out.

The resource pack for each song varies.  The product info page outlines exactly what is included with each song.  These include:

Music scores: melody line and lyrics of the song

Teaching outlines: ideas for using instruments, games, activities and movement to involve children in music 

Flashcards and song charts:  resources to teach songs and music education concepts.  Simply print, laminate, cut and use!

Printable activities: bring songs to life with resources such as finger puppets, magnet board pieces and movement props.

No shipping... No waiting... ready-to-use songs and activities you can download and use with your children today!

What are the Benefits?
Join the growing number of parents and teachers who have discovered the enjoyment and convenience of our downloadable resources.

  • Downloading a product is instant - providing you with the convenience of immediate download delivered straight to your computer.  
  • Fresh, innovative ideas for your lesson planning - Beat Boppers songs come with resources, teaching outlines and ideas for teaching and using the songs effectively.
  • Save money - with downloadable, printable resources you save money by printing your own product.
  • Save time - many hours of planning and preparation go into the art of teaching.  Free up your spare time!  We've done the work so you can relax and just enjoy bringing the joy of music to children.
  • No shipping and handling - another substantial saving in money and time.
  • Reproducible music scores and activity sheets  - permission to photocopy certain pages for your students.
  • Keep your valuable music safe - keep your files backed up on your computer and if your valuable resources get lost or damaged you can print them out again.
  • Find a particular product - looking for a song to fit in with your curriculum?  Looking for a song that will reinforce a particular music concept?  Looking for a song for children to play along with on a specific instrument?  Looking for a singing game for a class or a birthday party? With Beat Boppers search for just the song you need by subject, concept or activity.
  • Purchase just the song you need - have you ever bought a whole CD just to get one song?  Save money with Beat Boppers and just buy the song you need.  
  • Create your own song file - print out your songs and teaching outlines and place them in a three-ring-binder to create your own customized music file.  Your song file grows into a valuable, customized resource which you can add to at your own rate.
  • Last minute life-saver for teachers - had a busy weekend? Haven't had a chance to plan your music class?  We have!  And we have songs and teaching ideas ready and waiting for you!
  • Still not sure?  Try one of our free samples



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